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Adult and Children of all ages, Join us in furthering your Christian education with coming to one of our classes offered at North Haverhill UMC.


Get your hands involved by joining a group and praising Our God!


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North Haverhill UMC Memory Tree - 2018

Thank you for your contributions and recognition of your friends and loved ones


Lucy Brown
Larry Fournier
Richard P. Sawyer, Sr.
Peggy Sawyer
Bob Belyea
“Doc” Belyea
Russell Page
Phyllis Page
Ronald Page
Sewell Page
Alice Page
Marjorie Burrill
Butch Burrill
Wilson Davidson
Nora Davidson
Michael McDonough
Richard Giles
Mary Allbee
Richard Allbee
Kareen Allbee
Louise Giles
Lawrence Giles
Helen Thresher
Leonard Thresher
Jenevie Spooner
J. R. Clogston
Alice Heath
Bill Ingalls
Eugene J. Vandenbord
Rae Vandenbord
John Bauer, Jr.
Deborah Bauer
Lee Bauer
Rich Kinder
Mimi & Roland Kinder
Mom & Dad Dunham
Uncle Ernie
Aunt Monnie
Uncle Herb
Grandma Burghardt
Nicky Brinker
Doris Kinder
Ed “Doc” Blaisdell
Kay Blaisdell
Edith Celley
Kathy Lindsey
Mary Lepkowski
Colleen Bovi
Ellis Eames
Ruby Eames
Bertha French
Nelson Chamberlin
Nancy Zickler
Gary Chamberlin
Great Gram Geneva Kidder
Arlene Kelley
Gram Geneva Kidder
C. J. Rodger
Frances Stillings
Lillian Koczur
Paul Koczur
Marilyn Koczur
Mark Anderson
Bill Ingalls
Clark Ingalls
Ernestine Ingalls
Norman Thurston
Eunice Thurston
Clinton Brake, Sr.
Hendrica Brake
Alan Chavet
Lee Chavet
Alex McKinven
Darlene Melvin
Victoria Yades
Maureen Fosher
Kathy Lindsey
Gene Gadwah
Ron Kristensen
Bill Maynes
Ronnie Bishop
Roy Willey
Michael Bishop
Nellie & “Red” Horne
Bill Maynes
Roy Willey
Jim & Helen Benzie
“Stub” Fadden
Frank & Mary Bishop
Stan & Edna Fadden
Eden & Polly Aldrich
Bill Aldrich
Carole Brooks Sibley
Jason Aldrich
Doug Olsen
Kathy Lindsey
“Doc” Belyea
Jerry Smith 
Orrin F. Clark
Allegra N. Clark
Harry L. Steeves
Gertrude E. Steeves
Coy Clark
Helen Eastman
Joseph Solinsky
Irene Solinsky
Francis Cooney
Winnifred Cooney
Sharon Holbrook
Max Moulton
Della Moulton
Jake Moulton
Hodgie Moulton
Bernice Boomhower
Iola Blair
Red Thayer
Isabelle Thayer
Leo Fortier
Ida Fortier
Raymond Thayer
Mary J. Allbee
Richard C. Allbee
Rose Mary Page
Frank F. Page
Amos Allbee
Carrie Allbee
Ida Rollins
Vern Rollins
Doris & Philip Bellamy
Little Grammy, Alice Heath
Maurice “Lucky” Bigelow
Alice Bigelow
Heather Poor
“Doc” Belyea
Debbie Misner
Everett Henson
Edith Henson
Nell Henson
Arlene Parkin
Laura Davis
Wesley & Gertrude White
Morris & Marion Young
George E. White
Howard Young
Morris & Helen Olsen
Muffin Lyons
Evelyn K. Thayer
Chrystal A. Lewis 
Chrissy Perry
Ronald Carle
Jane Carle
Cathy Carle
Sherman Carle
Frank Torrey 
Pete Nutting
Cathy Carle
David Marcy
Sidney & Charlotte Marcy
Fred & Della Bollman
Phil Bollman
Naomi Bollman Droll
Perry Davidson
Perry Davidson
Donald Miller
Glenn Mitchell
Barbara Uresky
Carroll & Louise Stoddard
Gerald Stoddard
Richard Fadden
Marion Wilcox
Loved Ones
Fred Robinson
Max Robinson
Pearl Robinson
Kinsley Robinson
Maud Robinson
Helen Lawson
Arnold Lawson
Elizabeth Flavin
Catherine Flavin
Ethel Fabrizio
Frank Fabrizio
Cliff Hayward
Rich Kinder
Roland McKean
Colette Finn
Norman & Joyce Beckley
Wayne Keniston
Gertrude Brooks
Gladys Gilman
Harold Gilman
Mildred Keniston
Nate Keniston
Reymore Keniston
Chrystal Lewis
Evelyn Thayer
Harold Thayer
David Clark
Elsie Clark 
Ella B. Lang
Debra M. Keith
“Doc” Belyea
Alice Bigelow
Jerry Smith
Gale Delaney
Marguerite Delaney
Steve Delaney
Dick Rutherford
Florence Clough
Roland Clough
Hap & Eola Smith